The Mid Atlantic Woodturners Association (MAWA) was created in 2014 as a coordinated effort by AAW affiliated chapters in four Mid Atlantic states.  A discussion at a meeting of Lancaster Area Woodturners in December, 2013 resulted in the formation of a committee to explore the viability of sponsoring a regional symposium.  That exploratory committee realized that we would benefit by going to other clubs and expanding to include surrounding states.  Part of the rationale for moving forward was looking at AAW maps of membership which demonstrated a greater concentration of members within driving distance from Lancaster than in any other part of the U.S.  Even with that, there was a geographical gap between other regional woodturning events in the core area of the mid Atlantic states.
The members of the exploratory committee began contacting other clubs to guage their interest in participating and found an enthusiastic response.  The result is that MAWA was formed by the efforts and cooperation of ten clubs in four states (Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey) who provided financial backing in the form of seed money and appointed members to serve on the board of MAWA.  The participating chapters are: